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International Patients


Receiving medical care in another country can be difficult and stressful. At The Karen Hospital, we understand this and we are here to your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible. We take a team approach to your care and combine your medical need and personal preferences in to an experience that will make you feel as close to home as possible.

Our International patients’ desk will facilitate your coming to the hospital for treatment and your travel back home.

Before Travelling:

  1. Confirm with your doctor that you are fit to travel
  2. Understand fully what procedure/treatment you will receive in our hospital and the expected follow-up
  3. Please note that in some cases the final decisions on your treatment plan may change after the Doctor meets and examines you in person. In such a case, the doctor may recommend a different treatment.

Appointment Scheduling

The hospital facilitates prior scheduling of appointments to confirm on doctor’s availability during their arrival at Kenya and ensure a minimal turnaround time at the hospital.

Treatment Packages

Special treatment packages are offered for international patients to accommodate their requirements and needs for a cost-efficient treatment. However, please note that there could be some changes to this package once the patient has been reviewed by our clinical team

Visa Assistance

The hospital provides assistance in handling and processing of all documents required for the permit of visa to make sure that our patients do not face any hassle in obtaining their treatment. You may need a medical visa to come to Kenya for treatment. Once we get a detailed medical history we will issue you with a letter to help get the medical visa.

Pick up and Drop off at the Airport

The hospital arranges transport facilities for pick up and drop off at the airport.

Hotel reservations, if needed

Hotel reservations are arranged for patients and their attendants as per their requirements and availability. Our staff will work with you to ensure that you get accommodation suited for your budget.

Important Documents:

Passport and visa for yourself and anyone you are traveling with.

Medical records like X-Rays, MRI's, Immunization records, Prescriptions, and any other health records relevant to your treatment.

Credit cards, Debit Cards and Cash.


The hospital accepts various modes of payments;

1. Direct Bank transfer: On request we will provide the bank details.

2. Cash: All payments can be done by cash. In case of foreign currency there is a Forex Bureau located in Karen Shopping Centre and our staff can assist with the currency exchange.

3. Credit Card (Master Card/ Visa Card)

4. Insurance: If payment is to be catered for by an insurance we will need to have that information prior to the patients admission so that we can contact the insurance and share with them the relevant documents needed to ensure that we have no hitches on the day of admission.

Follow up assistance

After discharge, the hospital provides a complete follow up assistance for future scheduling of appointments.

The hospital provides complete dedicated world class treatment for its international patients during their stay at Karen Hospital for all their needs.

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