Dr. Bakari Suleiman-Paediatric cardiologist

Yuri Boika

The Karen hospital has pretty good facilities and service


Gertrude Arpe Ayele Mensah , 61yr

From Ethiopia with love

I woke up in The Karen Hospital ICU to the Beautiful smile of nurse Masinde, she was waving at me. The nurses at ICU are so devoted to there job and have so much love for the patients. If I did not get the care I got from them I would not be telling this story. They took good care of me 24hrs a day with the Doctors working in tow especially Dr Martin Wanyoike. Dr Wanyoike kept asking me “Gertrude when are you going to get out of that bed, so that my son can teach how to kill a lion?” although I had so many tubes down my throat I laughed so hard. The iron lady- Sister Lasiti really managed the ICU team which shows she has very good leadership skills. Dr Wakaba is a very hands on doctor he convinced me to remove the tubes and it worked.

“Are you the pastor? You pray for me” I asked Dr Dan Gikonyo little did I know that he is the Founder of The Karen Hospital. I was later transferred to the executive suite in Malindi ward that also sometimes hosts Presidents from all over the Globe. I thank God for this Hospital because if they would have flown me to South Africa I don’t think I would have got the human care I got from the staff at The Karen Hospital. God has really blessed this hospital I am impressed by the staff they are extra ordinary. When I went back to my African Union office in Addis Ababa I told them to be sending the staff to Karen Hospital. Everyone should utilize this hospital because the care is good or even better than South Africa, UK or Asia. The staffs are the ones that deliver the good quality so they should be encouraged in their work from the cleaner to the top Doctor.

Dr Betty Gikonyo is so nice she took time off her busy schedule to walk with me in the lavish gardens and took numerous photos for memoirs. I have been to France and other places for treatment but the way the doctors here are is so different even the way they consult is so much better. They have so much love and bring it out in their service to you. Patrick my waiter in the room used his own money to buy me a book to keep me comfortable and busy which am still reading. I am so grateful to him and many others. I also appreciated the church in the Hospital because the services I went to were so uplifting to me. In all I think the Karen Hospital team is just too great, words fail me but I thank you from the bottom of my heart that’s why today I am here for my review and to see my friends the staff of Karen Hospital.