Wellness program

Wellness Program

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The Karen Hospital wellness program offers a comprehensive range of tests combined with a friendly schedule where you get to choose the best time for your appointments. This is coupled by a serene environment with a relaxing ambience and the state of the art technology. We also provide you with specialist consultant doctors and nurses who conduct your wellness check-up with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

A wellness check-up provides a ‘snapshot’ of the functioning of your body. Understanding what goes on in your body is essential for us to help you reduce the chances of medical conditions that may arise without any warning signs or symptoms. The program will help you to manage your work, leisure and lifestyle better and therefore look forward to years of good health.

 Executive Health Program

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There is no greater gift than the gift of good health. In some instances there is little or nothing we can do to prevent getting sick but the inverse is also true. The Executive Wellness Programme is specially designed to identify any potential health risks and facilitate stemming of these risks or early symptoms before they develop into full blown medical conditions.

At your own convenience and as a participant of the Executive Health Programme you will undergo a comprehensive set of lab tests and non-invasive exams. Before you leave, the results, an in-depth consultation and strategic recommendations are given to you to address any current or potential health issues. At your request a confidential and comprehensive medical report is sent to you and your personal physician. Isn’t your health worth one day of your time?

Our various Health checkup packages are as follows:

Check-up Packages

Domestic Staff Wellness Check-up
Adolescent Wellness Check-up
Adult Wellness Check-up: Below 35
Adult Wellness Check-up: Age 35-50
Adult Wellness Check-up: Age 50 and above
Comprehensive Adult Wellness Check-Up
Highly Recommended Tests at an additional Cost
Additional Tests