Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

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For those patients, who have problems relating to ear, nose and throat can trust The Karen Hospital to provide a complete and high level precision in care. The Karen Hospital has the state-of-the-art 3D High end Vario 700 operating microscope that allows for less invasive surgeries that are safer and patient friendly allowing them to recuperate faster. Our ENT specialists are equipped with latest medical technologies and have years of expertise along with high-tech tools to diagnose and treat both frequent and individual anarchies. The treatments we offer are specific and use sophisticated instruments such as telescopes, microscopes and lasers.




Key Procedures

  • FESS and balloon sinuplasty

    – The blocked sinuses is made patent by FESS procedure. It involves the excision of the bone and tissue to widen the sinus cavity. In balloon sinuplasty a tiny, bendable catheter is introduced into the nose and it is slowly exaggerated so the blocked sinuses are restructured. It is done to treat patients who suffer from acute and chronic sinusitis.

  • Laser assisted surgery for ear, nose and throat problems

    – Laser is employed in Otolaryngology to treat various problems. Laser gives out clear and accurate precision to the surgeon and also bleeding is avoided with good results. It is used to manage various difficulties in voice box, throat, and nose and mouth region. It also treats stapes present in the middle part of the ear for treatment of Otosclerosis.

  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

    – The surgery in which the tonsils are removed is called as Tonsillectomy and when both tonsils along with the adenoids are excised, it is called as Adenoidectomy. The reasons for surgery include snoring, breathing difficulties and disorders of sleep breathing.

  • Mastoidectomy –

    This surgical treatment is done to remove the infected cells of mastoid which is the result of ear infection and has widened to the skull.

  • Tympanoplasty

    – it is the operation that is done to fix the deficiency in the tympanic membrane by means of graft. It also enhances the hearing ability of the addition other than closing the perforation. It is a very safe and effective procedure and is done in a day care basis. It mainly eliminates the middle ear diseases and also improves hearing.

  • Phonosurgery (vocal cord surgery) –

    It is a surgical intervention that is done to advance the quality of voice of the person. The procedure is done by means of endoscope.