Inpatient Unit

General Wards


The Karen Hospital’s general ward has a 102 bed capacity. The wards are headed by a Nurse in charge who has a team of student nurses, support staff and staff nurses in Kenya who assist them with the day to day operations of the ward.

To ensure the patients comfort, the wards have electric beds that are remote controlled and allow the patient to adjust it to their level of comfort and support.

Paediatric Ward



The Paediatric ward is located on the third floor of the hospital provides primary child care to the children admitted. The ward is continuously monitored by specialist doctors like Neonatal doctor.  It takes care of children under the age of 12 years both male and female. It is a 26 bed unit specifically designed with children in mind and has a warm and friendly atmosphere that ensures that the children recuperate in a holistic manner. Children who require to be admitted can be admitted in the private rooms, general wards or private ensuite rooms.

Private Rooms


The Karen Hospital’s private Rooms are located in the second floor of the hospital. The rooms are spacious and ensuite to ensure that the patients have their privacy. The rooms also overlook the hospital gardens creating a conducive atmosphere for the patients to recuperate. These private rooms are one of the finest Hospital accommodations in Kenya.

Executive Suite



The Executive Suite also referred to as Malindi Wing is the hospital’s deluxe ward located on the third floor of the hospital. It has five spacious self-contained rooms that overlook the hospital gardens. Each room has a television, a wardrobe and a couch.