Heart to Heart Foundation

Heart to Heart Foundation

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The Heart To Heart foundation is a Kenyan medical charity dedicated to the control, treat and ensure heart disease prevention in Kenya among children. The Heart to Heart foundation was established in 1993 under the trustee’s act of the laws of Kenya. The Heart to Heart foundation aims to provide support and access to curative services for children below 18 years with heart ailments whose parents are unable to afford treatment as well as disseminating knowledge on prevention of heart diseases countrywide.

The establishment of the Heart to Heart foundation was a realization of a dream of two founder trustees, Dr. Betty M. Gikonyo and Dr. Dan Gikonyo.

The two heart specialist’s visions arose from the realization that the local heart specialists could not treat their patients despite their experience and expertise due to the financial constraints experienced by the affected families.


To spearhead the prevention campaign on preventable heart disease in children; create the framework for proper diagnosis of heart disease in children through training and education; raise adequate funds to facilitate open-heart surgery for needy children under the age of 18, suffering from both congenital and acquired heart diseases.


To reduce the prominence of heart diseases in children under the age of 18, as well as ensuring that no child lacks access to medical treatment because of poverty.

The foundation has been running three programmes namely:

1. Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme

The RFPP was initiated in 1996 in joint collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the University of Nairobi.
The Programme’s broad primary objectives include to;

  • • Raise profile of RF as a preventable disease
  • • Improve diagnosis standards,
  • • Sensitize practitioners to provide clients/patients’ family and community education

Through the program, The Heart to Heart foundation has accomplished the following results:

  • • Trained 9,000 healthcare providers as TOTs.
  • • Established 34 intervention sites in 4 provinces of Kenya
  • • Reached over 2 million community members with the prevention message.
  • • Prepared and distributed educational materials for both health workers and the community.
  • • Through improved diagnosis, the health workers have diagnosed over 300 rheumatic heart disease who have since either been referred for surgery or who are being followed up in their clinics.

2. Fundraising programmes

The Foundation supports its programs by raising funds through the Fundraising Activities program – The Annual Nairobi Goat Derby, and The Annual Gala Dinner.

3. Research and training programs

This program aims to assist nurses and doctors to acquire training in cardiac fields.
In conjunction with The Karen Hospital, The Heart to Heart Foundation has participated in several training programs since 2006 targeting medical professionals and has provided the following training programs:

  • Laparoscopy Training
  • ENT workshop
  • Cath Lab Training
  • ENT Training
  • Advanced Life Support Training
  • Continuous Medical Education Trainings