Operating Theatres

Operating Theatres


The Karen Hospital has one of the World class Operating Theatres in Kenya with three operating rooms. The theatre is manned by skilled nurses and technicians who ensure that the patient’s safety is paramount. The theatre caters for both major and minor cases and is opened for 24 hours to cater to any emergency cases that may come in.

High standards of cleanliness are adhered to while in theatre and infection control measures put in to place to ensure that the patient’s safety while undergoing a procedure is guaranteed. The operating theatre is equipped with an advanced operating table and instruments to minimize the duration of surgery. The operating theatres are designed in such a way to facilitate a seamless operational flow allowing doctors to perform complex surgical procedures and achieve optimal efficiency. Proper protocols and standard measures are followed by the doctors and nurses within the operating theatres. Aseptic techniques are used to minimize risk and prevent infection spread within the operating theatre.Sterility of the operating instruments are checked and maintained regularly.

Minor Operating Theatre

Karen Hospital has another theatre on the ground floor which handles day to day cases that requires for minor surgeries to be performed. Surgeries performed at this theatre does not require any admission.