24 Hour Accident and emergency

24 Hour Accident and Emergency

The Accident and Emergency Department is a 24 hour department that handles all the emergency cases which comes to the hospital and provides emergency medical services in Kenya. The trained staff at the department ensures that the patients who are brought in as emergencies are stabilized before discharging or admitting them to the wards or referring to a specialist. The team provides acute trauma care for patients who are brought in to the emergency and trauma room which helps them to have an early recovery. The team at Accident and Emergency department handles problems and medical conditions ranging from minor illness to major life threatening conditions for people of all age groups.

The department is made up of a team of doctors, nurses, radiographers, laboratory technicians and pharmacists. They work round the clock to treat the patients admitted and provide them with the right care to alleviate them from sickness at the earliest. The staffs at the Karen Hospital ensure that the patients are updated with complete information about the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and care support. The department is continuously self – monitored by the staffs to ensure that the care is given to the patient promptly and their health is not compromised.