The Journey

The Journey


1996 – 2005: Laser Medical Services in Upper Hill

Over the years, there was a need to meet the increasing need for quality Health care in the community, hence prompting both doctors to open a clinic in Upper Hill, Nairobi. This was run concurrently with their work at The Nairobi Hospital.

2006 – present: A Hospital takes shape

On January 3rd, 2006, The Karen Hospital opened its doors. The new 102-bed hospital was the achievement of seven years of careful planning and preparation of a dream conceived over 27 years ago.

Today, The Karen Hospital has nine satellite centers in different parts of the country. The hospital is the hub of a network that includes physician practices, outpatient medical centers, occupational health facilities and other resources. Despite the expansion, The Karen Hospital remains committed to a core goal: to promote the health and well-being of the communities it serves.

Looking to the future

The Karen Hospital will continue its approach to bringing quality healthcare to the people in establishing satellite centers in different parts of the country, involvement in research and training.

In our five year strategic plan we to set up a total of 30 satellite clinics and Five 50 bed hospitals in Kenya.